the skills of a misspent youth

first of all, blog shout out to anyone who can name the movie that they say "the skills of a misspent youth" in...


one of the skills i picked up living in this beautiful windy city is the ability to parallel park. i know, i know...for those of you who can do this easily and naturally do not find the amusement in this, however for those of you who turn parallel parking into a game of bumper cars, you get me. however, i haven't had much practice since i sold my car, preston, last year, so i do get worried when the time comes to use this skill.

the scene:
i live on one of the busiest streets in the city, and one of the most dangerous intersections in the country. saturday evening when we got home from our little road trip (more on that in the next few days-stay tuned!) we circled the block 8 times before I said "OK one more time and then we're paying for a garage." Wouldn't you know a perfect spot opened right up. After some illegal 3-point turns in the midst of cars swooshing by and my fiance getting more and more nervous with each gear change, I aligned myself just perfectly.

and then i executed the most perfect parallel parking job known to man. ever. in the history of the auto world. even in the history of horse driving if they parallel parked those carriages... anyways i took this picture the following morning with my blackberry so please excuse the low picture quality, and enjoy my skills. no bumping. no grinding. simply gorgeous.


  1. Skulls when Pacey (yes, I still call him by his Dawson's name) and Paul Walker are breaking into the snake tower to get the weathervane.

  2. oh, and you've always been a #1 stunna when it comes to parallel parking, glad to know you still got it.