better in pairs

can i just say.
i wrote a gorgeous post.
it somehow got deleted.
and only because i really told myself that i'd blog
am i going to re-do it.

that being said...

sometimes i dabble in things. recently i have been dabbling in custom stationary. when my girlfriend lola asked me if i felt up to doing some baby shower invitations (babies! yay! twins! double yay!) i basically had to beg her to let me do it. we planned the theme (two peas in a pod) i got to work on an idea for the invitation design. lola wanted something sort of traditional but not too girly since the shower is for the mama who is having two boys. i sent her a mock-up, and started my shopping list. i hit up my neighborhood paper-source (twice-rookie mistake) and got to work.

i printed the body of the invitation on 8 1/2 x 11 pages of vellum (3 to a page) and set to work using my brand new paper cutter to slice them down to the appropriate size.

this is probably the most time consuming part of this project because vellum does not really absorb ink, so it takes drying time. i also had to be very careful not to smudge the ink even after an hour of drying. i only messed up one.

after that i got started with my hammer and eyelet setter to attach the vellum to the flat card. as mentioned above, we wanted a traditional idea but modern and a bit more masculine. so we nixed the (seen everywhere) tied ribbon and opted for the eyelet (and also my new favorite embellishment). mental note: when setting an eyelet you actually hole punch then insert the eyelet and hammer from the back. i may or may not have spent 20 minutes hammer from the front and wondering how the scrawny woman at paper-source could make it work but my swimming muscles couldn't make it happen. um, use your brain maybe? once i started doing that it went much quicker.

it was an afternoon of hole punch then eyelet insert then hammer than admire. oh, and a break every now and thing to PING lola and tell her how gorgeous it all was. (the modesty? i do not has.) (omg i just lol-cat spoke. how humiliating) (and i did it twice because that was in the original post).

a few hours of this et voila. completa.

for those of you who are wondering, the wording at the top is as follows:

two peas in a pod
two bundles of joy
two gifts from heaven
two sweet little boys

lola provided that little rhyme and i love it. don't you?

p.s. hear that? its my biological clock.


  1. snooze button sis!

    The invites are adorable :-)

  2. The invites are adorable. I was wondering who created them.

  3. thanks erin! i'm glad you liked them :)