these old bones

i've noticed something lately. well not lately, per se, since i've always been something of an old soul, but definitely noticing it as a more consistent part of my life. what have i noticed? i have noticed that i'm getting old.

and please stop it before you lament upon your own age (hjd) because i only mean i'm starting to feel old(er) and less of the 20 year old i was just a few years ago. this isn't a complaint, either, just a general thing i have noticed.

this has become clear to me with the actual verbage in which i speak. this morning my girlfriend lola (of the invites) and i were talking, and her g-chat status message was "i want to make banana pancakes and pretend that its the weekend..." a la jack johnson. oh lola, how wonderful that sounds! i told her my plans for the weekend included taking tylenol pm, ignoring my playful puppy all morning, and maybe playing mario brothers wii all afternoon.

she said "who have we become?" i lamented "oy, i do not know" to which she replied "i'm going to power hour." i was shocked. she can't be old if she's going to power hour. my response of "oh i'm so jealous" (though not really, i still enjoy my plan) was met with "oh, that's not reality. that's what i would have said four years ago."

power hour? not so fun.

power nap? sign me up!!

can you blame me?


  1. i know what you mean! A good power nap will trump Power Hour for me ANYDAY now! haha

  2. paul all your latest posts have been about drinking! you've been making me feel old!!!!