happy lovers day!


happy valentine's day to all you lovers out there! my sweetie and i will be spending our last valentine's day as un-married youngsters cooking at home and watching big love. it may sound boring but before the future mister  took the job he has now he worked at a big-four accounting firm and i learned quickly that this time of year is truly busy season-so instead of wasting time getting dressed up and sitting at a generic restaurant we decided to cook with one another and enjoy being at home. 

this year's menu? king crab legs from dirk's, some delicious cheddar bay biscuits (i am making them, no need for red slobster) and our last bottle of wine from our trip to napa in 2007. i am sad that this is our final bottle, but now this is giving us an excuse to go back and stock up!

p.s. i realized i have about 8 different projects to post, so hopefully that'll happen since i totally skipped last week's post :( thanks in advance for your forgiveness!!

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