no more naked tree!

i have to say i'm very excited about having a home of my (our) own for christmas 2010. my parent's moved from my childhood home about four years ago, and moved in with my grandfather to take care of him as lived out the remainder of his amazing life...so we spent a few christmases (is that the right word? who knows) at his home. this past year we spent the holiday at my older sister's condo and it was so fun! it made me especially excited to have a home to hang stockings for brian, lily and me and a tree to decorate!

all photos from martha stewart. duh. who does christmas better than martha?

my only reservation? the fact that between brian and i, we only have about 10 ornaments (and 9 of them are mine...)  

one night in january i was walking down broadway, heading home from picking up dog food or something like that, and i spied a sign in one of my favorite home decor stores (that is historically too expensive for my paycheck...) that said "christmas decor 50% off" omg sign me up!!

an hour later i walked out with a bag stuffed with some gorgeous ornaments. will our tree be overwhelmingly dressed? no, but at least it won't be naked!!

red for indiana university
purple for james madison university
 the lot. please don't judge my "backdrop" i am not a professional
 what is christmas without kissing penguins?? 
hopefully i remember to make their scarves in the next 10 months
here's to a beautiful holiday, even though its a long way away!!


  1. I believe Christmas will be at your house next year! Sign me up :-)

    Love the penguins!

  2. I LOVE decorating for Christmas! Cute ornaments :)