impromptu visits

a few weeks ago my older sister, hjd, told me she had to go to indy for business. i thought to myself "self you should just rent a car and go to indy and see her" but then i realized it'd be way easier for her to get on amtrak and come see me...so just that she did! $30 ticket and four days later and there she was! 

we put together a pretty jam packed weekend. lunch at a delicious little french bistro near my office (with my co-worker, anna, aka scoots) a little shopping for her while i finished out my day and thai for dinner. that was just friday!
saturday we woke up and went to the gym. i made hjd do a bootcamp workout with me. she could tell you that she was so sore from this workout that she could hardly walk for three days. you're welcome :) after bootcamp we got dressed, had a nice lunch at the gage, and went to the art institute. woah holy crowds batman. i know it was free february and everything but woah. just woah. we literally spent about 14 minutes in the galleries. she saw her monets and i saw my favorite o'keefe...

after that we did a little shopping in the art institute shop in the modern wing. i got the world's coolest highlighter and we both got fuzzy pencils. yes you will find us in the kid's section. that's why it's fun to spend time with my sister-we get to be kids again sans any judgement!

we made our way down the nichols bridgeway

i do love this city


from there we hit up the ice skating in millennium park. um, let me tell you that ice skating is not as easy as a grown up as it is as a child. we waited in line for 45 minutes and stayed on the ice (including the zamboni) for less than an hour...still a good time was had by all.

we rounded out our day with tapas at cafe iberico. i gotta say this was not my favorite part of the weekend. but it was fun and tasty and the future mister came along so that is always a good time. sadly the next morning hjd had to depart. but not all was lost, she returned two weeks later with my mother! a girl could get used to this!



  1. Let me clarify re bootcamp: couldn't walk for 3 days, sore for 6. You are mean.

    I had such a great weekend. From the super cheap train ride to being dropped at the airport, fun times ~ always!!!!

    I hope we get great pics from this weekend for your next blog post :-)

  2. my first blog 'shout out' - i feel famous.

  3. Glad you had such a great time with family. I wish mine were closer but we'll see them in a few months. Perhaps we should finally introduce my father to tapas as well!

    Have a lovely weekend!

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