must have

there are a few things that almost every girl loves. i have found during my engagement that the things i love are becoming very important to our wedding day. those things being:
beautiful paper
wait. that's the entire wedding, right? i suppose. but in exchange for better accessories i got a simpler dress. and to make those gorgeous flowers a reality i have been slaving away for hello darling for over a year now. but everything wonderful is worth the wait and worth the work.

that being said, there is one thing i really really really really really really really want. and at first it was just an internet-fueled pipe dream. what is it that i really really want? the christian louboutin glitter pump. 

hello lover. ok i know. those are so tall! i figured they'd be a no go no matter how often i wear a tall heel. well yesterday evening before meeting up for dinner with my fiance i made it over to nordstrom with my mom and one of my maids of honor to try these gorgeous pieces of heaven on and i have to report that they are soo incredibly comfortable. i was sold then and there.

now how to get them...because i can't imagine anything else under my beautiful white dress than these sparklers!!

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  1. well those certainly are something else!!!

    Should I plan to return your pink ruffle shoes?

    your (favorite) MOH