halloween costume

photo courtesy of sunset

my office has an annual halloween costume contest. i never really enjoyed halloween growing up for some reason-the costumes were always either lame or a lot of work to make. my favorite ever was when my mom made me a "poodle girl" costume with a poodle skirt and saddle shoes. if i was like rachel zoe and a size -00 then i'd wear that thing every year. alas, i no longer have the body of a six year old, and the poodle girl costume is a no go.

so today my boss, in her attempt to make casual conversation, asked me what i was going to be this year. last year i really wowed everyone with my iPod costume...

me. halloween. 2008. photo courtesy of {gully}

..but i didn't win the contest and i decided my hours of graphic design were wasted. the winner was a guy that dressed like a girl...as if that is creative. but, i digress. i thought for a moment, and let her know that i had the best costume ever.

i told her i was going as the invisible woman. i let her know that she shouldn't worry if she couldn't find me on october 30th, because my costume is going to be just.that.good. she laughed.

and i'm taking the day off. who's laughing now?

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  1. I am laughing! Good for you! :D Such a clever one.