jer-z boys

oh what a night! (errr...afternoon!)

yesterday i met up with my old roommate, his mom, grandmother, and aunt, and we hit up the lasalle bank theater (i refuse to give into corporate overtakes and refer to it as bank of america theater quite yet) and saw the boys from jersey and oh man were they great!!

in case you don't know the story-which i didn't-here's a quick re-cap. the show focuses on the creation, success, and downfalls of franki valli and the four seasons. they have a pretty great story that includes some super low times and some really great times.

one of my favorite lines from the show is when franki is telling the audience about how great the times were.  just like when you are having bad times and your mom consoles you by saying "this too shall pass" he reflects that the good times pass as well. as melancholy as it is, for me it just really made me thankful for the abundance of good times i have in my life, and reminded me that the bad parts will pass.

i also got to hear my favorite song of all time, "December, 1963 (Oh What a Night)" and boy oh boy i had never realized how sexual this song is! so much for thinking what a fun song it would be to choreograph a first dance for a december wedding...! enjoy the following clip and get your monday morning groove on!

the other thing i learned from this show is just how influential those jersey boys have been on today's music scene. i knew almost every song in the show but besides oh what a night, I had no idea that the four seasons sang the song. i will never forget the way my heart melted in high school when my best friend and i would watch "10 things i hate about you" and heath ledger belted out "you're just too good to be true" for julia stiles. it was such a sense of deja vu when franki valli sang it on stage. very good times had by all!

long story short-if you haven't had a chance to see this show yet you absolutely must go before they leave in january!


  1. JBoys is also playing in DC at the National Theater until 12.10.09. So good, definitely go check it out :-)

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