i die for dahlias

as i have been spending my weekends in the floral design studio with the lovely natalie and the hillarious vita of hello darling i have found myself having a love affair with a variety of flowers, and my favorite now changes almost weekly.

my current obsession is the dahlia.

photo courtesy of natalie walsh/hello darling

why do i love the dahlia? i'm not sure where to begin. this close up from natalie's portfolio really showcases the intricacy of the gorgeous petals, and how hard nature must work for this kind of perfection and symmetry. i have also learned that the petals of the dahlia work together to keep the bud in one piece. if there are a few bad petals you can pull them off, but pull one too many and the stunning bud will shatter in your hands. with so many varieties and colors of this flower, the dahlia is sure to please just about everyone.

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