peacock <3

back in may when i first started down the floral design path i helped put together a 3-day display at the big macy's on state street. the theme was something about dreaming in color (do people dream in black and white? nuts!) and we put up some pretty crazy stuff. however, part of the display was a peacock made entirely out of flowers and leaves. this began my love affair with the peacock.

how can you not be obsessed? yet, when i tell anyone about my new fixation with this amazing royal blue and green bird they find it to be a bit off. if you ask me the peacock is about to get super super popular (you heard it here first ya'all) so maybe one day that naysayers will come around.

as i sat and looked at images of this gorgeous bird i came across a white peacock. stunning. just as its colored cousin is striking in its boldness, the white peacock took my breath away. every aspect of the peacock is found from its arrogant little head-dressing to the "eye" detailing in the feather.

imagine the upkeep that animal must go through to stay that color!

then i saw this guy.

i'm not sure if this ever happens in nature but it sure did spark a bit of inspiration as me and my fiance begin to get to the details of wedding planning. i wonder how he'd feel about a peacock inspired wedding color palette!

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