one crafty weekend

living in a 250 square foot studio apartment does not lend itself well to crafting. living in a 250 square foot studio with a 3 pound puppy with endless energy and a curious disposition makes it pretty much impossible.

three pounds of pure puppy adorableness

that being said, i've decided that this weekend is going to be the weekend for two big projects i've been putting together in my head, and next weekend when mom and my older sister (and amazing maid of honor, not to dismiss my younger sister, who is also an amazing maid of honor) are here we have a third. watch out michael...i'm coming to your store with a mission.

project 1:
dresser drawer re-finishing

i have a black dresser. it is actually quite sleek. but, i'm tired of the same old same old black drawers and silver knobs.

my plan is to get two styles of paper. one solid green color, and one green pattern as an accent. i haven't been able to scout out any papers i particularly love online, but i'm hoping for a grass green motif to compliment my bedding that, even a year and a half later, i'm still obsessed with.

i will use mod podge to cover the drawers, and hopefully anthropolgie will yield some beautiful drawer pulls to just sort of spice everything up!

project 2: custom cork board creation and installation

i have a desk. i love my desk. i also have lots and lots of postcards, love notes, receipts, and {probably expired} coupons. and what i do not have is somewhere to keep them. i made a makeshift cork board but did not adequately purchase the materials, so this is sort of a re-do project.

this is my desk that i love. up top i have my printer, design magazines with many-a-dog-eared pages, wedding contracts and a plethora of receipts. the two shelves host an iHome, stacks and stacks of stationary-some designed by your's truly, and some courtesy of paper-source, and such a wide variety of dog treats you'd think that i had my own petco. then my trusty laptop takes up the largest portion. over to the right, in the little 'nook' i keep my 8 million different types of post-it notes, a pen jar, and tape. the drawer is where "stuff" goes to die and that is another project for another day. down below in the part where i imagine non-laptop people keep the big boxy part of the computer is where you will find lots and lots {and lots} of the above mentioned cards, receipts, etc.

the white portion is where i intend to install the corkboard. i will need my trusty gluegun, corkboard pieces, fabric, batting, ribbon, and decorative gems for where the ribbon will criss-cross.

all in all i think i have a pretty busy sunday coming up. too bad i can't work on this saturday-i have a wedding for work...and i'm ready for it to be o-v-e-r!!! maybe lily's and her dad will have a nice long walk on sunday so i can craft and catch up on my dvr. anyone else agree that the dvr is potentially man's greatest modern invention?

check back next week for the results!! i'll post before and after pictures of the real thing. make sure you're sitting down...its sure to be a doozy! ;-) oh, i'll also post about the third project soon. its going to involve lots of pictures, mom, and my MOH/sister...so its sure to be a good time in and of itself!


  1. The projects sound excellent though I am most intrigued by what we are doing next weekend...can we add drinks to list of what next weekends project involves...you know I needs drinks to be creative!

    Love the blog!!!

  2. ohhhh I am JEALOUS of arts and crafts time!!!

  3. SO FUN! I think both will be great projects. Ripken will be so happy that Lil is still loving her JMU tennis ball!